People and Quotes I Find Inspirational

Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time. – Lyndon B. Johnson

This page is going to be dedicated to…well what the page says. Hope you find them as inspiring as I do.


When the mind travels, but the body can’t follow. Then…I will give up my sword

Write Domain or Tony Carbon do not take any credit for any of the quotes or images used on this page. All quotes, images of quotes and images themselves have been taken from various webpages on the internet. Unless otherwise noted.

Images and source;

1. John Lennon-The Fest For Beatles Fans

2. George Harrison/Bob Marley- The Fest For Beatles Fans

3. Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Google images

5. Kurk Vonnegut

6. The Hippie Loft

7. Jimmy Hendrix

8. Spiritual Networks

9. Tony Carbon

10. Albert Einstein-The Idealist

11. Martin Luther King-The Idealist

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