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How many faces I’ve worn over the years, so many, I know not the man in the mirror. Born we are with the most innocent of faces, through time it changes and hardens to adapt. Masks I call them not as they are just temporary, faces they are, it’s who I need to be. Right now. Look at […]

Will You Know Me?

When things get tough you said to step back and take a deep breath, but I ask you, how many second breaths do I have left? My hearts been ripped out and lay beating on the floor, how many more times before there’s no soul left? I’m trying to walk on a guided path you […]

And This Too Shall Pass

I left this earth, yet I’m all around you You can’t see me, but I watch over you If you need to talk, I’ll be a thought away I see your tears, where they fall a flower grows You were my heart, now I live in yours You never left my side, I’ll never leave […]