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The Grieving Process is in Full Swing and I’m Feeling Alone

The wake and the funeral are over. My dear mother is home again with the people she loved and missed. The grieving process is in full swing and I’m feeling alone. I’ve got plenty of family here to keep my mind off of things or, to call for support when I need them. But what […]

Help Comes From The Most Unlikeliest Of Places

Life throws us many curveballs in this journey of ours. I wrote about mine here. Well, that’s just one, but it’s the biggest that has affected me in recent years. For the past year I’ve tried to reinvent myself. During that process you try to think of what your good at. I’ve come to the […]

Give Thanks in a Sometimes Thankless World

Sometimes we as people can become very self-centered. We sometimes get caught-up in our own surroundings that we lose sight of what’s happening around us. We get lost in our own misfortunes. Not stopping to look around and see what’s happening in other people’s lives. I’m guilty and holding myself accountable. If there is anything I’ve learned from past experience, […]