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Stop The World I Want To Get Off

The holidays are supposed to be joyous and happy.  With all the disease that surrounds me, I find this hard to be true. Stop the world, I want to get off! Between family and friends, right now, my wife and I have people near and dear to us fighting to just make it through the […]

Election 2012: Will The President Elect And Congress Do What’s Right?

So the votes are in. President Obama has won re-election. So where do we go from here? It’s my hope that we can get congress to work together with the President to finally do what is right for the American people. I’m afraid that we have become so divided in this country that we can’t work out our differences. And who […]

We All Need Help at Some Point or Another

Just don’t be afraid to ask for it.     I’ve been out of my element for the past year or so. You see, I’ve gone to a job for the last 22 years and have enjoyed a steady paycheck. Now I’m on my own floundering to find my calling.   I started blogging as a way […]

Dear Elected Official…

I would like you to get back to your moral obligation while holding public office. What I have figured out about you  You hold special interest groups closer to your hearts than you do your children’s pictures. I know this because you continue to let big business continue to get tax-breaks and offshore tax havens that escape U.S. […]

The Story Of Charlie Sparks-less

Photo credit goes to Charlie Sparks-less has had trouble since childhood with concentration. One fleeting thought is continuously replaced with another. Focusing is more of a chore than second nature. Charlie has never been officially diagnosed. But he believes he has had ADD since childhood. Back when it wasn’t talked about. So many years ago when the times […]

The Story Of Johnny Willingly

Johnny Willingly has gone through life with no expectations. He has tried to help out others around him not expecting anything in return. If you needed a shoulder to cry on, people called Johnny. If they were in trouble, Willingly willingly helped. If you needed a dime, Johnny would willingly reached in his pocket and […]

I Never Thought My Life Would Change The Way It Has

I’ve put off growing up for 51 years because I never thought my life would change the way it has over the last year. My vision for my life was to go to the job I loved doing for 22 years, retire with my wife and, move to Florida where we would live in a […]