Will You Know Me?

When things get tough you said to step back and take a deep breath,

but I ask you, how many second breaths do I have left?

My hearts been ripped out and lay beating on the floor,

how many more times before there’s no soul left?

I’m trying to walk on a guided path you set before me,

it’s dark and I stumble under steps misjudged.

I barely even know what your voice sounds like anymore,

will you even know mine when I call out your name?

I never even got to say goodbye to you nineteen years ago,

have you forgiven me for letting you die alone?

I’ve been waiting patiently to see you again, your image always I carry,

I’m older now, I’ve aged, will you recognize me when it’s my time?


One comment

  1. They will ALWAYS remember……just as their love is always with us.

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