And This Too Shall Pass

I left this earth, yet I’m all around you

You can’t see me, but I watch over you

If you need to talk, I’ll be a thought away

I see your tears, where they fall a flower grows

You were my heart, now I live in yours

You never left my side, I’ll never leave yours

You said I could go home, I have a seat waiting for you

You fell victim too your own insecurities, I know you’ve learned

Were apart for now but it’s temporary, don’t rush

I know your heartbroken, and this too shall pass






  1. And a poet as well…

    1. Hardly…a feeble attempt.

  2. Nancy Carbon · · Reply

    awesome T – you soar!

  3. i’ve thought about experimenting with poetry on my blog as well.. this was great. props for having courage to do something different too! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I appreciate that 🙂

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