Monthly Archives: December 2012


How many faces I’ve worn over the years, so many, I know not the man in the mirror. Born we are with the most innocent of faces, through time it changes and hardens to adapt. Masks I call them not as they are just temporary, faces they are, it’s who I need to be. Right now. Look at […]

Will You Know Me?

When things get tough you said to step back and take a deep breath, but I ask you, how many second breaths do I have left? My hearts been ripped out and lay beating on the floor, how many more times before there’s no soul left? I’m trying to walk on a guided path you […]

And This Too Shall Pass

I left this earth, yet I’m all around you You can’t see me, but I watch over you If you need to talk, I’ll be a thought away I see your tears, where they fall a flower grows You were my heart, now I live in yours You never left my side, I’ll never leave […]

The Grieving Process is in Full Swing and I’m Feeling Alone

The wake and the funeral are over. My dear mother is home again with the people she loved and missed. The grieving process is in full swing and I’m feeling alone. I’ve got plenty of family here to keep my mind off of things or, to call for support when I need them. But what […]

Do You Have Faith? – A Lesson In Life From “Honey”

We’d had a conversation a long time ago about death and dying. I’ll never forget it because it was shortly after my father passed away. I asked mom how she kept so strong in such a trying time. She told me in two words. “My faith.” I watched for the next eighteen years as her faith got […]

Are You Holding A Grudge? – A Lesson In Life From “Honey”

It’s said that in death, there is a chance at new life. It doesn’t only have to be that way for the deceased, it can be that way for the surviving family members too. Sometimes relationships become strained over time and, for selfish reasons. I’m guilty of this selfish act. I’ve carried this burden with me for far […]