Only The 1% Deserve Electricity; The Rest Of Us Don’t Matter

Long Beach, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrin...

Long Beach, Mississippi(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not in any way trying to compare the devastation between Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Sandy. They were both devastating in their own ways.

I’m trying to bring to your attention that something is drastically wrong with our countries infrastructure.  How can we be in the 21 century and not have power back to theses people. It’s been two weeks. Now they have to deal with freezing temperatures and snow.

What is the Federal Governments role in all of this? FEMA. How broken is this agency? Two weeks after the storm and they only have around 30 facilities with heat and electricity for people to go too. That’s outlandish.

Float satirizing FEMA after the Hurricane Katr...

Someone has to find a way to update our electrical grids. It’s a travesty that a country as great as the United States is letting its people sit in the dark, and for so long. It’s like we have taken a step back into the stone ages.

Now you want people to have licensed contractors to come in and inspect before you turn the electric back on? What the hell is that all about? I can’t see how there are possibly enough of these contractors to go around. How long are people supposed to suffer?

I’ve seen the images of Katrina and Sandy, and it breaks my heart that we neglect our own. This is not an issue about black and white. This is an issue about Americans.

Katrina…Sandy…Louisiana….New York/New Jersey. Look past the class of both cities folks. It’s not about class. It’s about getting Americans back on their feet. Getting people in need what will get them fed and keeping them warm.

Why isn’t anyone talking about fixing infrastructure. Why is it only looked at as a divide between the economics of a certain geographical area. Take the blinders off folks. We’re all  being oppressed. If you’re not part of the 1%, you don’t matter. It sickens me.

We need to insist that something be done about this problem. Natural disasters should not cripple any American city in this country for weeks. At most, a city hit by this kind of disaster should have electric restored in, two, three days tops.

That kind of thing happens to underdeveloped countries. Not here on our shores. We’re supposed to be the powerhouse of the world and we can’t even keep our own lights on. We have people living in the dark for weeks because of inferior power grids. A basic necessity.

If we fixed our bridges, roads and electrical grids. Wouldn’t this get people back to work?

This is not a new problem. We had rolling blackouts in the 80’s. Shouldn’t that have been a wakeup call? Or was it just ignored like so many other things have been in this country for so long?


Electricity (Photo credit: indipworks.)

How do we turn this around in our country? How do we fix a broken government, with broken politicians, with broken agencies? Agencies designed to help people in need.

Has it come down to putting money before humanity? We are a sorry lot for letting it come to this.

In closing I just have to say again. It’s absurd, a country like ours. With the wealth that we have in this country, that we let its people live in the dark. I just don’t understand.

I ask myself, how did we end up here as a nation?




  1. What is sad is that non union electric workers were told by union electric workers that they were not needed. People drove hundreds of miles to be turned around because they were non union, that is sad.

  2. Jeff

    First of all thanks for the comment. That is sad. People just trying to help people and they get turned away. So how do we change the mentality? What do we do?

  3. Tommy Twohatz · · Reply

    The union comment is exactly the problem. Unions use to be filled with skilled labor forces. Now its a bunch of LIFERs (Lazy Ignorant F’s Expecting Retirement). The time for unions is over. Working conditions have come a long way. Guaranteed pensions are a thing of the past. We need to get over ourselves and get back to the basics … Love Thy Neighbor. The Golden Rule. Go help someone today that isn’t expecting help and ask for nothing in return. You will be granted a good nights sleep. Trust Me.

  4. I will have to agree on the getting back to basics comment. And the guaranteed pensions. But then we need congress to do the same thing. Why should they get a pension when they leave office – with health benefits – for life. Thats absurd.

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