Should More Patience and Understanding be in Your Future?


Patience (Photo credit: AngSocialMed)

I’ve tried to live my life to the best of my ability. Sure, I’ve screwed some things up along the way. But who hasn’t?

I’ve also learned in these 52 years of life that my mistakes were just that. Mine. I made them with the help of no one. No one pressured me into anything. They were of my own free will.

Now to the point of why I tell you this.

We all live life the way we choose to live it. If you choose to act like a dick, you’ll be a dick. But if you choose the be a genuinely good person. You live your life to those standards.

When you go through life you need to ask yourself some questions. Am I living life the way I want people to remembered me? Am I being as humanly moral and righteous as I should? And by righteous I don’t mean religion. I mean living life for the people around you.

Are you taking more than your giving? Are you being as patient and understanding as you should?

Patience and understanding are like a virus. The more you spread it the more people will catch it. And isn’t that the kind of virus we want to spread? Instead of that disease laden “what can you do for me” attitude.

I’m not talking about being this way to people you know. I’m talking about the people who will test your last nerve. Anyone can be nice to family and friends. It’s the guy that just took the parking space you’ve been waiting for at a crowded mall. It’s the person that just cut in front of you at the checkout lane. The ones that will really test your patience.

Those are the people who need the biggest of smiles. Those are the people who need the most of our understanding.

The last few years I’ve tried to become more patient, understanding person. A better friend, husband and neighbor. Does it always work. No. But I’m making a more determined effort to get better in this aspect of my life.

Many times I’ve lost my self-control. But now I ask myself. “Is this person going through something so bad that he needs a smile, or kind gesture from me?”

When we show small gestures of kindness, we do it in hopes of spreading it like a plague. We hope that it plants the seed in the next person. And the next. That’s why I do it anyway. That’s how we change a world from hate to one of mutual respect.

And isn’t that what it all boils down to? Respect and decency towards one another.

Why do so many people walk around with hate strapped to their backs? It takes so much energy out of you.



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