We All Need Help at Some Point or Another

Just don’t be afraid to ask for it.



blogging (Photo credit: hgjohn)


I’ve been out of my element for the past year or so. You see, I’ve gone to a job for the last 22 years and have enjoyed a steady paycheck. Now I’m on my own floundering to find my calling.


I started blogging as a way to get some things off my chest (my early blogs). Now I find myself drawn to blogging as a way to share what I truly believe is a fundamental problem with humanity and, a moral breakdown in society.


My problem is, I never thought my writing was on par with my peers, so I set out for help.


I seldom ask for help from others only because I don’t want to put anyone out. We all have busy lives and it’s hard for me to ask someone to take time to help me. I’m sure they have their own problems they are trying to deal with let-alone mine. But I found one kind soul who is taking the time to become a writing mentor for me.


I know that I can e-mail my friend and he will help guide me in the direction I need to go. Steven Watkins is the person that so generously gives up his time when I need it. I’m sure his schedule is busier than mine and I couldn’t thank him enough.


Not only does he critique my work, but he’s also my confidence when mine wanes.


I couldn’t be more satisfied that someone has taken the time to help me. A regular guy trying to make a new life. If more people opened their hearts and took the time to help others as Steven has done for me. What a world it would be.


When you don’t think your good enough at something. It’s one hell of a burden to carry.


I could ask any one of my friends or family to look-over my work and give me an honest assessment. But how honest is it going to be? They don’t want to hurt your feelings so they could sugarcoat things. When your starting anew. The last thing you need is someone telling you what you want to hear. You need the truth.


If you think you can’t get honest feedback from friends or family. Do what I did and approach someone you respect. Ask for their opinion or help. They’ll give you an honest opinion without the pressure of hurting your feelings like friends and family tend to do.


With the feedback that I’ve gotten from my writing mentor. I’m moving toward becoming a writer and not second guessing whether I’m good enough. Sometime all we need is that push-off the cliff so we can sour with the eagles.


No longer will I look upon my writing as mediocre. I’ll hold my head up in confidence knowing it’s OK to fail. I’ll know I’ve done my best and my effort will have been 100%. Nothing less.


Every now-and-then we run across people who restore our confidence in humanity. My friend and mentor has done that for me. I’ll be forever grateful to someone who only knows me only through e-mail. It could have been very easy for him to say he didn’t have time or, just wasn’t interested.


How about you? Have you needed someones help? Did you ask for it? Did they help? Have you helped or mentored someone who asked for it? I’d love to hear you comments.




  1. I’ve had a similar experience lately in starting a business. People have shared resources, contacts, documents, time, all for nothing.

    The universe always conspires when you go for your dreams.

  2. If people would so freely give-up more of their time, what a world we could have. A cool thing when people say, “how can I help” instead of, “what’s in it for me”. Thanks for the comment!

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