Dear Elected Official…

I would like you to get back to your moral obligation while holding public office.

What I have figured out about you 

  • You hold special interest groups closer to your hearts than you do your children’s pictures. I know this because you continue to let big business continue to get tax-breaks and offshore tax havens that escape U.S. tax regulations.
  • You continue to vote in tax breaks for yourselves and raise taxes on the middle class. You keep voting in huge increases to your state pensions while you’ve let mine be taken away from me.
  • When you campaign, you speak with a swift tongue. When it comes time to deliver on your promises you don’t. I am on to your lies and empty promises.
  • I love that you do all these commercials that point the finger at one another for the problem all of you created in the first place. Your all in office. I blame all of you.
  • You take part in information that the rest of the public is not privy too to save your own portfolio’s.
  • You have forgotten why we elected you in the first place. To represent what’s best for all your constituents. Not find ways to line your own pockets.
  • I know that you have been cutting education, welfare programs (any program that helps the disadvantaged actually) infrastructure and affordable housing programs and refuse to talk about the poverty in this Country.
  • You’ve pushed manufacturing to other countries to fatten big business’s bottom lines only to let our pay fall consistency since the 1970’s
  • You let the banks get away with the housing burst. No one has been convicted. In-fact, you’ve left them in their positions and imposed the minimal of fines.
  • Stop refusing to release your tax returns. What are you trying to hide?

What I want you to do while in office

  • Live up to the oath you took when you took office. Remember, the one you took to, “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”
  • Use your continence to make morally correct decisions that benefit all of us as a nation.
  • Educate the young. Without proper and superior education how are we going to lead the rest of the world? We are not even in the top 20 countries in math ,reading and science. You’ve cut education. Why? To dumb-down a nation?
  • For those of us that don’t have the ability to go to college, give us job training to help us succeed.
  • Give us good paying jobs with health insurance. Some of our family’s are going bankrupt trying to pay medical bills. We’re sorry we are getting sick and dying of cancer from the carcinogens found in our food supply.
  • Help feed the hungry in this country. Folks are hungry here. In the United States. How can this happen?
  • Rebuild our infrastructure. Our roads and electrical grids are out-of-date and our bridges are crumbling. At this rate we’ll look like a third world country in 20 years.
  • Stop thinking we are stupid and not seeing you for who you really are. We are sick of being lied to.
  • Stop blatantly rigging the game in your favor or in the favor of big business.
  • Raise taxes on big business and the wealthy, leave the middle class alone. We can’t afford anymore. We’re scraping to get by while many C.E.O.’s get million dollar golden parachute packages.

When you wake up in the morning. Look into you children’s eyes. Are you doing what’s in the best interest for them? Think to yourselves, am I building a future for my children? If you can’t answer with a resounding yes. You need to rethink your strategies. 

Take a deep, long look in the mirror. Are you leaving the legacy you want to leave? Is this how you want to be remembered? By screwing everyone else for your own interests. Or have your morals been that corrupted?

Does anyone else feel as strongly as I do?




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