Do You Need To Recharge From The Stresses Of Life? Why You Should

Sometimes we get caught up in everyday life. We get caught up in all the crap that’s going on around us we forget to stop and recharge. Life just seems to get in the way with the stresses of everyday life, work and family.

We’re worrying about how we’re going to pay a bill or running from meeting to meeting. Trying to meet a deadline at work.

Trying to just exist and live a normal life becomes a challenge.

I’ve been fortunate enough the last couple of weeks to travel to Florida with a friend of mine to see a friend of ours that lives in St Petersburg. We left our file folders and calendars on the office desk .

We hit the golf course, stogies in hand and, played a few rounds of golf. We sipped wine, drank micro-beers and ate at an iconic restaurant in Ybor City in Tampa. All in the name of breaking routine.

Ybor City (Centro Ybor) - Tampa, Florida

Ybor City (Centro Ybor) – Tampa, Florida (Photo credit: Dougtone)

One night we just went and got some beers, loaded the cooler and, grabbed our beach chairs and sat and talked about old times. We caught up with some very old friends on the beach. We laughed and giggled like adolescent school boys. We let the routines of life wash away on the beach that night.

We need to remember that life throws us a lot of shit. We need to step back sometimes and just clear our heads. Let go of all the crap that’s dragging and weighting us down. Wipe the slate of life clean and regroup. Even if it’s for a short period.

We should keep in mind that when life throws us curve balls, that we can always turn to old friends to help us out of our funk.

You need to take some time for yourself, unwind, let go and, let your guard down every once-in-a-while. I had the chance to do just that and let everything go. Not only does it help us mentally, but it also helps us to reset our sails when we’re blown off-course.

I enjoyed the company of some people I have a long history with. I know them and they know me. We talked about where we would like to retire. What we would do. Would we all meet up again sometime down the road after being separated for so long?

Never forget to recharge your batteries, wipe the slate clean and start fresh.



  1. Stogies, wine, beer AND Golf? Good times.

    1. It was much needed Steve! I thought about you on the course.

  2. So true little brother! Friends are the wine of life!

    1. Thanks for stopping by to read! I’m flattered!

  3. Great story Cuz, we all need to take a step back and relax.

    1. Yes we do! Thanks for reading!

  4. Great advice! I’ll do it! I just wish Tampa wasn’t 3,000 miles away…

  5. definitely agree with the need to change up the normal routine! i call it “balancing life” 😉

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