The Cycle You Can’t Break Or Stop

South Florida has an angry Mother Nature, rough seas, intermittent rain, and Tropical Storm Sandy to offer the last few days. Is it that she is mad at how we treat the earth? Or is this a way for earth to cleanse itself? In any case I’m grateful I have the chance to be here and visit with family and witness this weather event.

This isn’t the first time we have experienced this kind of weather here. My wife and I lived in this location for 5 years, so this is nothing new to us. The only problem is that we were living here at the time and, now we’re here on vacation. Big difference. We have to go back to cold weather.

As I sit here and write, I look out to a cloudy and windy sea from my balcony 10 floors above sand and new construction. Whitecaps and waves break at around 200 or 300 yards off the beach. Surfers are extinct today, but then again it is a Thursday afternoon. Working they are, I’m sure.

Standing here and looking from the hotel balcony. I scan from  the sea inland, thinking about how a paradise like this thrives and dies at different chapters in it’s existence. I wonder about the changing of faces this land has seen in its long and humid life. What this land offered the first eyes hundreds of years ago.

I think to myself, what was this land like before the 15-20 story condominiums and the golf courses that now inhabit what once was mangroves and swamp. I think about the cycle of life this one area has seen over the centuries. The pastels and pools weren’t always here and I’m sure will fall in the centuries to come. The earth takes care of herself as we meander from one century to the next. Unfortunately man has taken advantage of her and neglected her through greed and self-motivation.

This one stretch of beach was once dotted with mom and pop hotels that housed “snow birds” from the north trying to escape the cold harsh winters. Now millionaire developers and Corporate Hotel conglomerates have taken over the sand like a battle fought on a the beaches of Normandy. The financial collapse of recent years leave bankrupted independent hotel owners in its wake. Out with the old in with the new. The cycle of life never stops.

When you think about the grand scheme of things. Life is much bigger than any one of us. We’re just here for a short visit. The waters are still going to rush the shore. The winds and rain will cleanse the earth like they have done since the beginning of time. We only borrow some of time. At best steal a few years. Make everyday worth living. Never settle. Never compromise. The cycle of life will catch up with you too.



  1. This post makes me think of two things: People talk a lot about saving the Earth. We don’t need to save the Earth. It will carry on. We need to save Earthlings. Second, an old science fiction novel entitled Earth Abides. I’m only on the second chapter, but it is a post-apocalyptic tale of what happens when a disease largely wipes out humanity.

    1. I couldn’t agree more about the first part of your comment. Earthlings do need saving. In a big way! I’ll have to add that book to my list of reads. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and for the comment.

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