The Man Who Fell To Earth – And I’m Not Talking About The David Bowie Film

The moment of the jump by FELIX BAUMGARTNER

FELIX BAUMGARTNER (Photo credit: matthewwu88)

What compels a man to be lifted 24 miles above the New Mexico desert in a balloon that’s so thin, a gust of wind in the wrong direction can tear it and send him plummeting to earth ending in certain death? Then, sit in a capsule the size of an airplane lavatory, climb out onto a rail, stand there and, jump. 24 MILES ABOVE THE EARTH!

Think about this. He reached speeds over 800 M.P.H. He was the first human to break the sound barrier. With his body! 24 miles above earth. 120,000 feet (planes are usually flown at 30,000) and, and he free falls for over 4 minutes before deploying his chute. He suffers from claustrophobia that needs multiple counseling to help him cope. Incredible.

Is it balls? Is it the pure adrenaline rush? Is it insanity? How about a mind altering drug? Alright, we know it’s not drugs. I just had to throw that in to cover all bases. Or is it conviction in what you believe in?

That’s what I would call one committed individual.

Seriously. Think about it. Felix Baumgartner is a daredevil, free fall skydiver – with claustrophobia mind you – that jumps 120,000 feet to earth. Man on a mission is an understatement. His claustrophobia comes from the space suit he needs to wear to maintain pressure in his body so he doesn’t die of an ebullism. The suit limits your vision and hearing. A claustrophobic’s nightmare.

To me, this shows what an individual can do with commitment and a small group of people who believe. Think about what you could accomplish  in your life with a small group of folks who believe and, are committed to a common goal. Think of all the positives you could bring to the world if you were even half as committed.

One small victory can instill confidence to even the most unsure of causes. Emotional and mental victories breed more victories. Through a series of successful test runs bred confidence in Felix and his team. That’s how we change the world. One victory at a time.

In an earlier post that can be read here, I talked about dying for a cause. Here is a guy jumping for the thrill of trying to break a record with phobias just like the rest of us. You want to talk about commitment to something you believe in. Felix brings that to whole new heights. Literally!

So what’s the guy want to do now? “I’m retired from the daredevil business,” he told The Guardian after his jump. “I want to find a nice decent job as a helicopter pilot. I’ll fight fires and rescue people. No emails, no phone calls.”

He wants to fight fires and help people. You don’t get much more humble than that.

Who else thinks Felix Baumgartner is about as inspirational of a human-being as one could get? Leave me a comment.



  1. i could barely watch him do this on TV.. so scary!

  2. It boggles my mind. I’m deathly afraid of heights. I try to imaging what it felt like stepping out for the first time, but I can’t. Can you imagine the view!

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