Monthly Archives: October 2012

Do You Need To Recharge From The Stresses Of Life? Why You Should

Sometimes we get caught up in everyday life. We get caught up in all the crap that’s going on around us we forget to stop and recharge. Life just seems to get in the way with the stresses of everyday life, work and family. We’re worrying about how we’re going to pay a bill or running […]

The Cycle You Can’t Break Or Stop

South Florida has an angry Mother Nature, rough seas, intermittent rain, and Tropical Storm Sandy to offer the last few days. Is it that she is mad at how we treat the earth? Or is this a way for earth to cleanse itself? In any case I’m grateful I have the chance to be here and visit with […]

The Man Who Fell To Earth – And I’m Not Talking About The David Bowie Film

What compels a man to be lifted 24 miles above the New Mexico desert in a balloon that’s so thin, a gust of wind in the wrong direction can tear it and send him plummeting to earth ending in certain death? Then, sit in a capsule the size of an airplane lavatory, climb out onto a rail, […]

Causes and beliefs – Worth dying for?

How far would you go for something you believe in? “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Sir Winston Churchill By now most of you should have heard about Malala Yousufzai. She is the 14-year-old girl from Pakistan that was shot in the head by the […]

Do You Need To Make Changes In Your Life?

Here are 4 steps that helped me when I knew I needed to make mine. When I think back about the (dark) days, when drug and alcohol abuse consumed me, I think about the person I was then. My actions. My words.   During those days I was not a pleasant person to be around. […]

Don’t Choose Your Path Through Deluded Eyes

I had the chance this past week to go to lunch with a couple of old friends. We’ve all know each other for the better part of 43 years. I know now how blessed I am to still have them in my life. We all played sports together , went to school together and, became […]

Help Comes From The Most Unlikeliest Of Places

Life throws us many curveballs in this journey of ours. I wrote about mine here. Well, that’s just one, but it’s the biggest that has affected me in recent years. For the past year I’ve tried to reinvent myself. During that process you try to think of what your good at. I’ve come to the […]

Are you a yes man? You don’t have to be

Most of my life has always been spent trying to please everyone but myself. I made sure that my wife, siblings, and friends happiness took precedence over mine. I’m tired of being the yes man! I’m by no means obstinate, but, now I make a better effort to see that my needs are also satisfied. For far […]

Give Thanks in a Sometimes Thankless World

Sometimes we as people can become very self-centered. We sometimes get caught-up in our own surroundings that we lose sight of what’s happening around us. We get lost in our own misfortunes. Not stopping to look around and see what’s happening in other people’s lives. I’m guilty and holding myself accountable. If there is anything I’ve learned from past experience, […]