The Story Of Johnny Willingly

Johnny Willingly has gone through life with no expectations. He has tried to help out others around him not expecting anything in return.

If you needed a shoulder to cry on, people called Johnny. If they were in trouble, Willingly willingly helped. If you needed a dime, Johnny would willingly reached in his pocket and give you a dollar. Not to make the problem disappear, but because Willingly was truly willing.

One day Johnny Willingly came across a homeless man who ask Johnny to buy him some liquor. Willingly was unwilling. Johnny told Homeless Joe he was Johnny Willingly, only willing to buy Joe a hot meal. Homeless Joe wasn’t interested. Johnny talked to Homeless Joe and explained that a hot meal would allow him to take in more alcohol and not get sick. Joe ate the hot meal. Johnny’s way of getting the man to eat if only this once.

On his travels around his city, Johnny Willingly encountered a prostitute. Willingly willingly drove a truck to pay for his habit. Upon this encounter, Prostitue Mary asked Johnny to spend some money on her. Willingly was unwilling. Johnny asked Prostitue Mary why she need to whore herself out to men. Mary said she was the product of abuse and needed to feed and clothe her son. Johnny Willingly ask Prostitute Mary to wait. Willingly willingly went to the store and brought back Mary cloths for her son, milk, bread, cereal and lunch meat for a week.

On his day off, Johnny was walking around his beautiful city. He lived in Chicago. A magnificent city thought Willingly. Upon his walk Johnny witnessed a fight. A white boy and a black boy, no older than 12 or 13 fighting and yelling obscenities at one another. Willingly willingly intervened. He sat the boys down in a nearby Café, bought them both lunch and talked about how important it was for all of God’s children to love one another. These two men now own a business together.

Once a snow storm blanketed Willingly’s city with huge amounts of snow. Knowing his neighbors were elderly, Willingly willingly went and shoveled their snow. The sidewalks. The driveway. Even the back patio. Johnny did this 4 or 5 times because it would snow. Stop. Then snow some more. Jimmy the gimp – the elderly homeowner – tried to give Willingly money for his effort but…you guessed it. Willingly was unwilling. Johnny told Jimmy it was his neighborly duty.

One of Johnny’s siblings came crying to Johnny one day that she couldn’t make the rent or feed the kids. Willingly willingly paid the rent and shopped for groceries so his sibling could rest easy. Johnny Willingly willingly did this for months. Unnoticed. Not wanting to tell the other family members. He didn’t want his sibling to feel embarrassed in the presence of other family members. Only to help.

Upon retirement Johnny Willingly was stricken with a debilitating disease. When he needed to see a Doctor or get a prescription filled, Johnny Willingly’s only hope was a drugstore that delivered. A Doctor that made house calls. All his life Johnny Willingly willingly helped others. No questions. No expectations. Willingly willingly accepted his path in life. To help others around him to his last dying days.

Don’t you wish there were more Johnny Willingly’s in the world? Wouldn’t the world be better off if there were? John Lennon said it best, “I know I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one”.

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  1. Great story! So true!

  2. · · Reply


  3. Tommy White · · Reply

    This weekend, Autumn begins. It is the change of season from summer to fall. I would hope each of your readers takes 3 or 4 hours this weekend to help a charitable organization, feed people at a mission, clean a park or some other community service. Don’t do it feel good about yourself, do it so other may have a minute to feel good about theirselves.

    1. What a great idea Tommy!

  4. Shannon Blomgren · · Reply

    What a great story Tony. I’m really glad I took the time to open the link and read it. Thank you for “re-opening” my eyes to be thankful for all people who have “willingly” been there for me lately.

    1. Your welcome Shannon! We need to cognizant of the good people in this world! The bad get to much press. LOL

  5. What a great story!

    1. Thanks Karen! Glad you liked it!

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