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Following Has Its Rewards

Originally posted on Pilgrim Strong:
Follow this blog today, and become eligible for a $25 Visa gift card to be given at 6 p.m. CST tonight. Following does have its rewards. And oh, yes, thanks for reading! -30-

The Story Of Charlie Sparks-less

Photo credit goes to Charlie Sparks-less has had trouble since childhood with concentration. One fleeting thought is continuously replaced with another. Focusing is more of a chore than second nature. Charlie has never been officially diagnosed. But he believes he has had ADD since childhood. Back when it wasn’t talked about. So many years ago when the times […]

What Is Your Excuse? « Stephanie Romero

What Is Your Excuse? « Stephanie Romero. I felt compeled to share Stephanie Romero’s post. She sums up the excuse not to write perfectly! 

The Story Of The Freckled Face Boy

Growing up, children can be brutal. This is the story of Dots, the freckled face boy. Dots moved to Chicago when he was 12. Coming from the south where the weather was always nice, he spent a lot of time outdoors. Dots had fair skin and reddish orange hair. The kind of hair that looked to be […]

The Story Of Johnny Willingly

Johnny Willingly has gone through life with no expectations. He has tried to help out others around him not expecting anything in return. If you needed a shoulder to cry on, people called Johnny. If they were in trouble, Willingly willingly helped. If you needed a dime, Johnny would willingly reached in his pocket and […]

I Never Thought My Life Would Change The Way It Has

I’ve put off growing up for 51 years because I never thought my life would change the way it has over the last year. My vision for my life was to go to the job I loved doing for 22 years, retire with my wife and, move to Florida where we would live in a […]